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Product Image Case Stabilizer for Dillon 1050 ( Please Allow up to 14-21 days to Ship)

Case Stabilizer for Dillon 1050 ( Please Allow up to 14-21 days to Ship)

$ 79.99

We currently have 1 in stock.

Verify your press dimensions below for proper fitment (contact us if your press dimensions are not specified):

WIDTH: 0.600" or More

THICKNESS: 1.10" or Less








Proprietary Design by Level 10 Innovations

PATENT PENDING -On BOTH our Stabilizer and Bracket System 



Key Features:

  • Universal*
  • Easy Removal and Install
  • Stabilizes casings with or without bullets seated
  • Practically eliminates powder spillage
  • Adjustable
  • Very Low wear due to engaging casing ONLY as much as needed to stabilize.
  • Low profile to work with bullet tray or similar installed.
  • Spring Loaded applies tension and allows the die to engage casing and align as needed.
  • Included small washer to function with Powder Cop
  • Patent Pending




  1. One Complete Stabilizer
  2. One Complete Bracket 
  3. One Washer for Dillon Powder Cop


100% Made from U.S.A. manufactured hardware and material:

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Steel Hardware
  • Delrin (DuPont)


*Calibers that use locator pin #8 may not be able to be stabilized as the shellplate impedes the stabilizer to engage as much as needed.

**Damaged rims or casing may cause damage to stabilizer material. Each casing needs to be inspected for damage prior to loading. Damage caused by casings is not covered.

***Please contact us if new stabilizer inserts are needed.

---May Contain cosmetic markings from the manufacturing process--- 


Our SNEAK PEAK video shows our stabilizers in ACTION, only difference is the bracket that holds them is not used. Functionality remains unchanged. Updated video showing "with bracket" coming soon...