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Product Image 300 AAC Blackout Brass-100 pieces

300 AAC Blackout Brass-100 pieces

$ 10.00




Brass Guaranteed to be within SAAMI Specifications

Custom  Brass Processed from Once Fired Lake City 5.56 Brass, NOT MIXED 

  • Liquid tumbled with spent primers in
  • Deprimed
  • Swaged
  • Trimmed and shoulder set started
  • Sized (Checked every 50 in a Sheridan Gauge, Set to SAAMI Spec)
  • Chamfered and Deburred with a Giraud Trimmer to a final length of 1.358 +/- .003"
  • Finish Polished in Treated Corn Cob.
  • On the swaging, the primer pockets are checked every 50 with a Ballistic Tools Primer pocket Gauge
  • After Sizing, neck tension is checked with a Ballistic Tools Neck Tension Gauge, and Expander Balls are replaced as needed